For skin cancer surgery in Queensland, Plastic Surgery Queensland is the choice facility. There is a plethora of factors to consider when choosing a Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon. Ensuring that they are certified and insured is highly-important as they need to be insured for liability and suitably-qualified. Checking the Surgeon’s experience in the procedure such as skin cancer surgery is important as well and you want to ensure that they have particular experience in skin cancer in Brisbane. Each Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon has their set of skills and attributes but asking them for their skills and experience is integral such as inquiring as to how many procedures they have done like the one you want and how many years they have been performing the procedure. Looking at before and after photos of surgeries performed is also crucial and going with a Surgeon who has the aesthetic sense which appeals to you is one way to choose your Surgeon. Pay close attention to the surgeries performed which are the same or similar to the one you want such as skin cancer surgery. Facial procedures are quite important as this is an area of your body that is seen and you want a Surgeon who is highly-adept with facial procedures. Additionally, other body procedures are also highly-important to check before and after photos of. When visiting Plastic Surgery Queensland, you can engage with the Surgeon and other staff and see the type of customer service we offer. Exceptional customer service is integral to gaining a quality Surgeon who will treat you right and cater for your needs. Paying attention to how the Surgeon and staff make you feel is crucial as you will be putting your body in their hands. Ask yourself do you trust the Surgeon and do I feel comfortable with them? Do you feel comfortable disclosing your medical history to them as well? Safety is priority to us at Plastic Surgery Queensland and for skin cancer in Brisbane, we adhere to best practice standards which is integral for a Plastic Surgeon. Checking out the operating facility is also highly-important and finding out the level of accreditation of the facility is salient. For skin cancer surgery, it is important to check out the facility comprehensively and ensure that it is world-class such as Plastic Surgery Queensland’s facility.

Skin Cancer Surgery

As skin cancer surgery specialists, Plastic Surgery Queensland is armed with a team of suitably-qualified Plastic Surgeons who can perform a range of surgeries for skin cancer. We focus on Melanoma surgery as well as other skin lesions. Mohs surgery is one type of skin cancer surgery designed by Dr. Frederick Mohs in the 1930s. Cancerous cells are removed by skin layer until there is no more sign of them. The head, neck and hands are the most common places for Mohs surgery to be performed. Excision is another type of skin cancer surgery and there are different types such as simple excision, shave excision and wide excision, the latter being used for Melanoma surgery. Since skin cancer surgery can leave a scar, reconstructive surgery can be performed to remove the scar. Skin lesions can be removed by Curettage and Electrodessication whereby the skin cancer surgery is performed using a curette and then a needle-like electrode designed to remove the remaining cancerous cells. One technique for skin cancer in Brisbane is Cryosurgery or Cryotherapy which utilises liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy the cancerous cells. It is optimal for small skin cancer surgery and pre-cancerous skin lesions. Laser surgery can be used to treat skin cancers and skin lesions and is performed using a laser beam to destroy the cells.

Skin Cancer Surgery Side Effects

As skin cancer surgery is delicate and requires professional training, Plastic Surgery Queensland ensures that we have experienced Plastic Surgeons for the surgeries. There are, however, side effects to skin cancer surgery. No matter how delicate the procedure is and how the Plastic Surgeon is careful, there are common side effects such as pain, scarring or disfigurement and swelling or bruising. Additionally, some skin cancer surgeries can see nerve damage or numbness or bleeding. You may be at risk of infection as well but we are suitably-experienced to manage skin cancer surgery with minimal risk to you. We aim to delver outstanding skin cancer surgery with minimal scarring and disfigurement and Plastic Surgery Queensland prides itself on exceptional customer service and quality procedures.