As the weather warms up, all the fun summer activities are kicking back into full swing. With all the festivities around the corner, the days are conducive to fun in the sun. Around the pool, at the beach or just out and about running errands in singlets, shorts and thongs, all the things that make summer great unfortunately can have a detrimental effect on our skin, especially living in sunny Brisbane. Every year over three thousand, six hundred Queenslanders are diagnosed with melanoma and that is the highest rate of any other state in Australia. Skin cancer in Brisbane is a serious issue, which is why preventative measures are extremely important. No matter how light your skin is or how long you are in the sun for, it is important to treat your skin with the upmost importance. Wearing sunscreen, covering up as much as possible when you are out in the sun and protecting yourself with a hat and sunscreen are some of the simplest but most effective ways to prevent sun damage and increasing your risk of developing skin cancer. Another way to help prevent skin cancer in Brisbane is to reduce your time out in the sun during the times that the sun is at its peak, which is generally between ten am and two pm. While skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in Brisbane and in fact, the rest of Australia, there are ways to treat skin cancer and melanoma if they develop. Skin cancer surgery is a treatment option and if caught early, can be a simple procedure. While you are making the effort to protect your skin from the sun, keep an eye on anything that looks suspicious like moles and spots, as catching any issues early may not prevent skin cancer, but it will give you the best chance of treating it.

Skin: The Largest Organ

Loving the skin you are in comes with many connotations, but when it comes to loving our skin, we often forget to show it the physical love that it deserves. When we think about our skin, cancer is not often something that is at that forefront of our minds. In fact, compared to a lot of our organs, skin can often be an after-thought. It is not until something noticeable happens that we really pay attention to our skin, and whether that is something as simple as a few marks and blemishes that we may feel self-conscious about or something as serious as skin cancer. As the skin is the largest organ, it can be easy to miss or forget about parts of our skin, so having a comprehensive check-up regularly is very important, as well as looking after your skin otherwise issues may go unnoticed. Skin cancer in Brisbane is something that can be a really common occurrence and even if the cancer itself is benign, having skin cancer surgery or similar treatments is something that many people may consider. From malignant skin lesions, melanoma to other forms of skin lesions, Plastic Surgery Queensland is able to offer treatment. Understanding that skin cancer in Brisbane is a common issue, our surgeons have extensive experience in treatments like melanoma removal and the removal of malignant skin lesions. Look after your skin and if you are needing surgery for skin cancer in Brisbane, seek out the professionals Plastic Surgery Queensland.

Skin Cancer Surgery Scarring

While treating skin cancer should be at the forefront of your mind when diagnosed with melanoma or other forms of skin cancer, it is only normal to think about the possibility of scarring if skin cancer surgery is recommended. This is why it is not only important to get the surgery, but to ensure that the surgeons performing it are highly skilled. If you are needing treatment for skin cancer in Brisbane, at Plastic Surgery Queensland, our surgeons will do our absolute best to leave you with as minimal scarring as possible. We understand that cancer is a scary diagnosis and that any treatment can be overwhelming, which is why we endeavour to provide the most comfortable experience possible. Whether you are receiving treatment for skin cancer in Brisbane in our procedure room or at a hospital, we will work with you to ease your fears and hesitations, aiming to give you the best surgery experience possible. While it is our job to ensure that we remove all of the cancer, our highly skilled surgeons will do the best possible job to avoid as much unnecessary scarring.