If you are having skin cancer in Brisbane surgery, it is good to know the different types of skin cancer surgery. For skin cancer that hasn’t spread, surgery may be performed to remove the tumour and no alternative treatment may be required. However, skin cancer in Brisbane can be common due to the sunshine state sun and melanoma can occur which may require more extensive surgery. If the skin cancer has got into the lymph nodes, then the Surgeon may be required to remove these. If you have skin cancer in Brisbane, then Plastic Surgery Queensland is the right choice. One such skin cancer surgery is Mohs surgery which was developed by Dr. Frederick Mohs in the 1930s. It is designed to remove the skin cancer tumour and preserve the healthy tissue as much as possible. The skin cancer cells are removed layer by layer until there is no sign of skin cancer cells. Areas of the body that Mohs skin cancer surgery is used on include the more visible areas such as the head, neck or hands. An excision is another form of skin cancer surgery where the Surgeon performs an excision utilising a scalpel or sharp razor to remove the skin cancer cells. A simple excision is one where the Surgeon uses the scalpel to remove the skin growth and a small area surrounding the skin cancer cells. There is also a shave excision where the Surgeon shaves or peels off the skin cancer cells with a razor tool. A wide excision as a skin cancer surgery is used on melanoma and Merkel cell carcinomas. The skin cancer cells or tumour is removed and a wide area of healthy tissue surrounding the skin cancer is also removed. There is also skin cancer surgery that is reconstructive which may result in scarring or disfigurement. If you have skin cancer in Queensland and opt for skin cancer surgery with Plastic Surgery Queensland, your Surgeon may recommend curettage and electrodessication. This is where the skin cancer lesion is removed with a curette which is a long thin surgical tool with a sharp hoop at the end used for scraping. Once the lesion is scraped, the area is treated with an electric current using a needle-like electrode and this is meant to kill the remaining skin cancer cells and reduce the incidence of bleeding. Another form of skin cancer surgery in Queensland is cryotherapy or cryosurgery where the Surgeon utilises liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy the skin cancer cells. This is especially good for small skin cancers in Brisbane. Laser surgery uses a laser beam of light to destroy the skin cancer cells and is good for superficial skin cancer surgery.

The Side Effects of Skin Cancer Surgery

We have mentioned that a side effect of skin cancer in Queensland surgery is scarring or disfigurement depending on the type of skin cancer surgery. There is also the potential of pain and swelling or bruising. Some skin cancer surgery that is performed can cause nerve damage, numbness or bleeding. It does depend on the type of skin cancer surgery and the type of skin cancer in Brisbane. Some more aggressive skin cancers require more extensive surgery and can leave you prone to infection. This can be managed though by our exceptional team at Plastic Surgery Queensland. Additionally, skin cancer surgery can leave you with fatigue and Lymphedema. We do our best to alleviate any scarring or disfigurement and our Surgeons achieve exceptional work. You don’t need to fear skin cancer surgery as it can be performed to a high standard and you can trust Plastic Surgery Queensland’s Surgeons to achieve successful outcomes.


If you have skin cancer in Brisbane, then preparing for skin cancer surgery is one way to manage this. If you have found a suitably-qualified and trained Surgeon such as one of the team at Plastic Surgery Queensland, you are in safe hands. You might experience stress and anxiety surrounding your skin cancer in Brisbane surgery as any type of surgery can be triggering but you can rest assured that you will be well looked after with Plastic Surgery Queensland. There’s a few factors to consider when it comes to preparation for your skin cancer surgery such as engaging in the consultation prior to surgery. Disclosing any medications you take is important as you may need to stop taking them prior to surgery. Be upfront and honest about your physical and mental conditions or ailments and your Surgeon can provide you with details and salient information. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the skin cancer in Brisbane surgery and relax afterwards as you may need time to recover. Keep your mind occupied before the surgery such as with a magazine or a good book if you have time to wait for the surgery. For skin cancer in Brisbane surgery, Plastic Surgery Queensland’s Surgeons can offer you pertinent advice on preparing for surgery and give you comprehensive information about the skin cancer surgery.